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solar charger back up system
In early of 2011, HAMAK Solar present a new backup charger system, main purpose is offer power to which area without electricity, and it suitable for road light, communication, monitor, family use when emergency and pump. HAMAK backup system is different from other brands, with simple designed, solar panel connect to the system and charge into battery. Using general socket on output end, to meet national electrical specifications, and provides both 110V/220V AC specifications, also suitable for DC load. In response to a variety of outdoor use, durable shell is made of stainless steel with paint materials, the products that were just listed on domestic and international market and get enthusiastic response.  The installation cases such as 10 set in Taiwan´s Alishan organic farms, provide lights to the farm in the night for insect traps electricity; the other is 7 sets of systems in Tibet Monastery, mainly used for pagoda lighting at night. If you have inquiry about it, please contact with our business part.
News in 2011, the first quarter of medium-sized inverter SMA finally exposed. Appearance remains steady SMA German concept, the bold and fashion blue body, also highlight its concepts of close to the white home performances. This section is 8kWp~17kWp inverter, output can be connected with three-phase three-wire or three-phase four-wire 220V/60HZ grid-connect conditions. When used for 10kWp ~ 500kWp of solar power plant planning, it would makes simple design, more flexible construction, which is the great feature.   SMA Sunny Tripower products with high conversion rate of 98.1%, and the DC input voltage is more up to 1000Vdc, when combine with the existing 6” silicon or thin film module, it will simplify the complex system design. The device itself using monochrome LCD panel video, clear message display and easy identification, We plan to show it on April in Taiwan, kindly wait for our announcement.