Consolidate power plant benefits

Professional regular inspections, monitoring, and management for you, to ensure the stable operation of the system, early detection of problems, and correct judgments, to avoid loss of power generation benefits and high-risk events in power plants.

Qualified maintenance factory authorized by Delta

● 24 hours to repair within the warranty period, and 48 hours to complete the repair.
(Complete within 48 hours outside the warranty period)
● Original technology & materials by Delta provide logistical support and fast maintenance
● Our team has more than 10 years of experience

Scanning and testing with drone infrared instrument

The drone with FLIR professional infrared camera is accurate
The infrared instrument can quickly detect problems such as module splits or bad junction boxes, which can save the time of manual piece-by-piece inspection
This service is fast, affordable, can provide a complete image analysis report, and can immediately estimate any problems in the system based on the abnormal temperature of the module
The team's operating engineers are qualified personnel for the national examination

Distribution box and module serial detection

Professional measuring instruments combined with infrared (IR) thermal imaging cameras are used to detect terminal blocks, MC4 connectors, waterproof cabinets, wires and other parts, so as to detect faults and defects early and eliminate them early, so as to avoid high temperatures caused by parts faults, which may cause fires and other bigger problems loss.

In the measurement of the module series, the company uses CHAUVIN ARNOUX professional-grade instruments, which can provide accurate data for careful judgment. The test items include insulation resistance test, Ipm, Voc, Vpm, RA value measurement, etc. to ensure the stable operation of the system.


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