Mounting System

Mounting System
。Specially designed for large-scale PV plant, suitable for both screw pile and concrete base.
。Longer rail span help to reducing the material cost and saving installation time.
。Patented rail connector simplifies the cross connection and splice connection.
Mounting System
。Specialized for different types of standing seam roof.
。No roof penetration, no problem in leaking proof.
。High holding forces with stainless steel screws.
。Installation is easier and faster, saving both time and money.
Mounting System
。The product adopt the structural design of the viaduct, suitable for dome or parking spaces.
。The waterproof treatment are customize, suitable for frameless and frame solar panels.
。Large span designation between extrusion tube and the foundation pile, save install wages.
。The main extrusion tube and cross tube used in connectors, easy installation.
。The main connection extrusion tube screwed with stainless bolts, which fasten total structure with high security.
Mounting System
․Suitable for universal frame consisting of H-, C-beams or square pipes.
․Installation is easier and faster, saving both time and money.
Mounting System
․Fastening sets consisting of a special h-shaped bracket, module height
․Suitable for universal corrugated and trapezoidal metal roofs.
․The Unique domed washer molds to form a leak proof seal.
․Price advantage due to special design for quick installation.
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