Off-Grid & Storage

Off-Grid & Storage
●Built-in MPP Tracker.
●Auto-control and detection by 2 external sensors.
●Gives maximum torque even at min. sunlight, no need any battery.
●suitable for water pump, water aerator and factory blower...etc.
Off-Grid & Storage
● Excellent performance by proprietary MPP program.
● Fully automatic operation with protective functions.
● Automatic detection and control in combination with external sensors.
● Wide suitability for agriculture water pumps, aquaculture aerators, industrial ventilators.
Off-Grid & Storage
●IP65/IP66 stainless lockable enclosure w/ powder coating.
●Utility-scale PV power plant applicable.
●NEC requirements compliant.
●3000Vdc electric strength & insulation resistance test certified.
●Built-in touch-safe fuse holder & SPD with visual fault indicator for PV circuit and surge protection.
●Busbar design for high consistency of product quality and low probability of false wiring.
●Separate or simultaneous disconnection of PV strings,making servicing flexible and efficient.
Off-Grid & Storage
●Protect for over charge, over discharge, over load and polarity.
●Load output can be control by press key, to set day / night automatically start, or set switching section at night time.
●The product adopts Micro controller Unit program control precision and high reliability.
●Used high power chip on driven system, durable, high efficiency and stability.
●Exclusive for charge control of solar power, can be used in road lights, landscape lights, signal lights and warning lights.
Off-Grid & Storage
●Pure sine wave of power output, built-in Automatic Transfer Switches(ATS)
●Built-in MPPT solar charge controller.
●Power expansion available by parallel connection.
●Supporting 3 phase 4 wire system.
●"Plug & Play" installation.
Off-Grid & Storage
●RS-485 communication.
●Address ID & baud rate programmable.
●Integrated pyranometer and temperature sensor.
●Supporting AC/DC 100-240V power supply.
●IP65 stainless lockable enclosuresw/ powder-coated.
●Easy installation and maintenance.
●Dimension(WxHxD):183x385 x190mm.
Off-Grid & Storage
●Pure Sine Wave
●Conversion efficiency up to 98%.
●Rated 360Vdc input, reducing system loss.
●Built-in ATS.
●Short circuit / Overload / Over temperature Protection
Off-Grid & Storage
●Application for instantaneous self-consumption PV system.
●Automatically configure solar power & utility power to loads.
●For industrial DC ventilation/cooling system, DC pumps and DC motors.
●Built-in advanced MPP tracking to max, solar power output.
●Compact size, wall-mounted and push-lock connection.
●Available for real-time array performance monitoring.
Off-Grid & Storage
●Pure Sine wave output.
●Built-in MPP Tracker.
●Supporting DC/AC power output.
●Built-in Automatic Transfer Switch(ATS).
●LED indicators for battery status.
●“Plug & Play" installation.
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