Design & Engineering Services

HAMAK® design and management service can help you draw up and implement the most efficient solar power and provide the best investment evaluation and reap profit.

We have over ten years experience of mechanical and electrical integration and design of facilities, from field investigation, design, material selection, contracting and operation to provide the most complete technical and consulting services.

Effectiveness Evaluation

HAMAK® Solar team will recommend suitable module and related BOS requirements according to your country, based on latitude and longitude, and local climatic conditions such as sunlight, temperature, wide, snow and so on to calculate the best investment projects.

System Design

We will design the system according to your terrain and surface features, including construction foundation, mounting structure, module serial, converter matching, transmission and distribution pipelines and other design services. If you have no special electrical requirements, we usually offer two options of IEC or NEC electrical codes for your choice.

Carefully selected products

After you decided the overall system, we will do the performance testing according to your product, it usually focus on solar module, and let you know the power efficiency and features.

On-site technical guidance

After you have confirmed the system and evaluation, our team will be there and guide the whole project set up service.

Maintain and operating assistance

For the future maintain and operating smoothly, HAMAK assists O&M service from commissioning to operating to enhance high reliability, long lifespan of a solar system and the ongoing need ensure it captures as much power as possible.

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