United Renewable Energy

United Renewable Energy

URE/DelSolar Modules, proven by many international certifications, are defined by their high performance and excellent quality. URE/DelSolar modules are certified by TÜV Rheinland, UL and MCS. The modules provide positive and tight power tolerances of 0 to +4.99Wp, which offer a stable and high-energy system output. With high efficiency solar cells, state-of-art manufacturing technology, and long-term reliability, URE/DelSolar modules are ideal choices for their high efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

URE Power modules, built with URE-owned high efficiency mono PERC solar cells, have high photon-to-energy conversion efficiency and rigid installation mechanical strength. With URE high quality solar module products, the stable and plentiful power output can be addressed.


URE Peach module, which is made by advanced package technology to significantly reduce series resistance of module, generates more power output. The high power Peach module, built with self-made high-performance single crystal PERC solar cells, can also provide the stable and plentiful power output for the solar system.

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