07 November 2018
HAMAK product of the year of 2018: Solar Motor Drive (HA-PVMT)

HAMAK product of the year of 2018: Solar Motor Drive (HA-PVMT). With increasing acceptance of solar application by the market, HAMAK has developed solar motor drive that bridges and optimizes solar and motor applications. Through HAMAK proprietary MPP algorithm, maximum power can be extracted from PV modules under all conditions, and by integrating variable frequency device, PVMT operates at the highest level of performance.

The speed of PVMT-driven motor can reach up to 58% of its rated speed when the solar irradiance is at 200W/m2, which translates into running time from 7:00am to 5:30pm in summer. After 9:00am when irradiance is above 500W/m2, the performance of solar-driven motor can be higher than 80%. Such characteristics of PVMT indicate its suitability for motor-driven applications (industrial fans, water pumping, aquaculture aerator etc.).

The solar motor drive is primarily designed for three-phase three-wire motors and can provide 220 and 380volt at its ac voltage output. In terms of power rating, the product comes in 2hp, 3hp and 5hp to choose from. An optional accessory, Power Switch Box, can precisely control the switch between PV and main grid power, depending on three different modes: manual, timer and light intensity. PVMT can be fully incorporated into activities such as agricultural irrigation, aquaculture and animal husbandry because it is the ultimate choice for energy-saving.

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