11 February 2019
Delta Inc. is currently the industry leader

Delta Inc. is currently the industry leader. Its central and string inverters have always been the first choice for industry investors in terms of power generation efficiency and quality. This year, M88H_121 is officially upgraded to M88H_122. According to specifications of M88H_122, the string inverter is equipped with dual MPP trackers with power generation efficiency of up to 98.8% and AC output power of up to 88kW(480Vac). Due to its design for easy installation and quick disassembly, the equipment can be easily repaired and replaced, thereby saving investors’ losses of money and time.    


In order to give power plant managers more control over operation of PV power generation, Delta design team incorporates voltage and current sensors into each string. Each MPPT has 9-string-monitoring function and real-time data is displayed on screen or transmitted via RS485 interface for cloud based remote monitoring. Therefore, upgraded M88H is more suitable for the deployment in medium to large-scale power station and reduces the cost that would otherwise be incurred by the installation of external string monitoring system, thereby suiting the needs for management optimization and maximizing the benefits.


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